A New Seascape Painting by David Miller

“Beyond Paradise” is my most recent addition to the Windows to Paradise collection.  The collection has well over 20 distinct Window images now.  This is the 5th in the Polynesian Bamboo style.  I’ve not done a sunset yet, so this is very unique in the collection.  I’ve always been drawn to sunsets and seascapes, so this piece is a favorite of mine.

It is available in two sizes (regular and large).  The original is showing at the Diamond Head Gallery in Lahaina, Maui.  Please stop by and take a look if you make it over the Hawaii anytime soon.  They are also showing a limited edition giclee so you can see for yourself how accurately and vibrantly these reproductions are.

By the way, we just landed in a new gallery in Key West, Florida.  The Adam Scott Rote Gallery on Duval Street is carrying several of my Window paintings and Surfboards among others.  We are excited to partner with Adam Scott Rote Galleries to feature my work among other distinguished artists.  I am going to be taking a new original surfboard painting down to the gallery when I am there for a show later this month.  I hope to see you there February 27th – March 2nd.  Key West is an awesome town and a great inspiration for my work.  Nothing beats the colors of these tropical waters…

I need to post a picture of the latest original surfboard that just sold in Maui.  This Seascape was different from previous sunny sky versions.  It is a bit darker and foreboding, but it captures the wild untamed surf that so many of us love.  Calm tropical beaches say one thing, but the majestic power of the surf says something entirely different.  I’m planning on doing a series of these surfboard original paintings.  Perhaps I’ll release some later this year as a limited edition.  We’ll see…

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