New Original – Natures Autumn Glow – Sold!

The show in Key West was a wonderful success this weekend!  We sold several pieces of art as expected and really got a feel for the beautiful Adam Scott Rote Gallery and it’s staff.  What a great bunch of folks down there.  This gallery is not only a beautiful presentation of fine art, it is a quiet, zero pressure atmosphere to look and admire while you shop for your newest fine art acquisition.

We sold one of my newest original paintings – “Natures Autumn Glow”.  I’m really proud of the piece and I’m thinking about offering it as a limited edition giclée.  It really takes you into the forest in it’s dimension and vibrant colors of autumn.  These “woods” pieces have been very well received at the galleries.  They seem to sell within days of arriving and I really need to paint more of them to keep up with demand.  I’ve been a bit distracted lately by an invention that will be in production shortly.  I’ll blog about that a little more as I get closer to landing it in retail outlets.

As you can see by the diversity of subject matter in my paintings, I have many interests.  The traditional Seascape Paintings and Underwater Paintings are where I got my start as an artist.  These are what continues to dominate the niche’ market that I focus on.   I have some other new and varied Ocean Paintings that are doing well, so I never want to limit myself as an artist to one specific genre.    Well, back to the canvas…

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