"Another Beautiful Day" new Window Painting for 2015 - 2 sizes

"Beyond Paradise"

"Beyond Paradise" new Window Painting for 2014 - 2 sizes

"Beyond Paradise"

"Turtle Reef" new Ocean Painting for 2013

Surfboard Painting

"Island Surf" new Surfboard Contemporary Art Seascape painting for 2012 - 4 sizes

Surfboard Painting

"Tropical Beach" new for 2013 Seascape Window Painting - Gallery Wrap Limited Edition

Turtle Reef Painting

"A Simpler Time" new for 2013 - The newest in the Windows to Paradise Collection - 2 sizes

Amish Painting

"Reflections of Paradise" new Window Seascape Painting for 2012 - 3 sizes

Seascape Beach Painting

"Lady in Red" new Modern Artwork Gallery Wrap Painting

Modern Art

"Ocean of Color" - Ocean Painting of Underwater Dolphin and Coral Reef

Fish and Dolphin Painting

"Dolphin Dreams" 2011 Contemporary Art Dolphin Painting from David Miller

Dolphin Painting

Beyond Paradise - The New Window Painting for 2014 - Available today - Enjoy the View!

Few contemporary artists both epitomize and transcend their artistic command of an established genre. David Miller, is such an artist. A world class seascape artist, David Miller is a talent whose approach to this important subject matter is as elegant and fresh as the scenes he paints. His stunning and distinctive Ocean and Seascape Paintings are widely respected in contemporary art circles, and highly collected through his superior quality hand enhanced prints which reproduce his wall art with breathtaking accuracy.

In the summer of 2005 artist David Miller painted "Window to Paradise" the first in his Window Painting series. Artist David Miller's window collection is a unique body of work depicting a variety of vistas looking out an open window. Artist David Miller's Window Paintings appear three dimensional when hung as wall art. Richly colored shutters appear to angle away from the window frame. Shadows painted on the window frame and shutters give an illusion of light coming from inside the painting, masterfully drawing us into its center. Seascape's or Ocean Views are captured with Palm trees creating shadows on the Beach which merge with wet sand snaking along the water's edge. The Ocean withdrawing from the Beach brings with it foam that leaves patterns floating on top of the water hiding the sand beneath. A turquoise wave extends across the painting, its edge glistening in the bright Sunlight or vibrant Sunset. As the wave breaks its translucent waters focus the colors of the sunset. The sharp edge of the horizon defines the colors of the sunset from the ocean beneath. The composition and complementary colors make a spectacular piece of fine art that will enhance any wall.

David Miller's Paradise Beach window collection sets him apart from all other artists with its uniqueness. This fine art collection is found in only the finest art gallery. The shape is defined by the custom-engineered wooden canvas stretcher.

This canvas hangs flat on the wall like most conventional wall art paintings. It is hand-stretched around custom built wooden stretchers that are identical in contour and shape to the seascape painting itself, thus giving us an extraordinary realistic feel. Each window is a limited edition, hand enhanced, giclee on canvas hand signed and numbered by David Miller.

David's talent as a colorist is exceptional too. Certified for open water scuba, David has spent many hours diving in the beautiful waters of the Hawaiian Islands, Jamaica, California, and Mexico. Virtually all of his creations depict an aspect of the natural world. Along with his Window to Paradise paintings, David is known for his brilliantly colored tropical fish, sea turtles, and most of all his dolphins and whales frolicking just below the surface of the deep, clean blue ocean in his "above and below" Dolphin Paintings. His extraordinary palate of colors is at once exotic, yet realistic of the habitat he paints. His eye-catching effects of color and light extol the artist's sense of tranquility, amazement and reverence he feels towards his subject matter. We can immerse ourselves in his artistic vision of the hidden frontier --- the undersea world of shipwrecks and marine life, and his above the water scenes of lighthouses and tropical waterfalls.

David Miller is also influential to famous artists in other genres. David's contemporary art painting "Crimson Tide" was an inspiration for Author Stephen King's latest novel "Duma Key" about an fine artist living in Florida trying to paint the perfect seascape painting. Mr. King asked David to create a new original wall painting of similar light and color to add to his own personal collection.

David's Dolphin Paintings have also earned him international recognition. The detail and precision visible in his dolphins sets him apart from other Sea Life and Seascape painters. Rarely will you find an artist who crosses so many genre of styles, materials and textures. From contemporary and seascape art, to modern art located in your favorite fine art gallery, David Miller can create custom orginal images to fit any space, shape and taste. Contact David Miller to discuss your fine art needs. Work directly with David Miller to design the composition of your own original work of fine art.

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The most captivating Sunset, Beach, Seascape and Ocean Paintings available by Artist David Miller. The Ocean captivates millions who flock to beach destinations worldwide. Capturing the essence of a seascape sunset is a talent that escapes most photographers and artists alike. David Miller has a unique talent for presenting Beach vista's from the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands with breathtaking vibrance and life. His ability to capture shadow as palm leaves cast their cool shade across a window or tropical beach is unsurpassed