I decided to get the ball rolling and let the cat out of the bag on my latest invention.  I realize you might be confused right now since I’m a painter by trade, but my first experience in life – really starting as a boy – was in electrical engineering.  I was creating circuits with Radio Shack parts when I was still in the single digits.  I went on to work for a semiconductor company creating illustrations for all sorts of interesting technology.  That’s why I’m still facinated by the amazing technology that continues to flood the market.

While at Disney World in Orlando, FL. last summer, there was a high school cheerleading competition going on.  You can imagine how many tiny girls were running around taking selfies with large groups of their closest friends.  You can also imagine how extremely limited they were with their tiny arms and the distance they could reach.  Got me thinking about the popularity of iPhones and the interest in self portraiture.  I had an idea that had to come to market!

I immediately starting working on prototypes of an extension device which is a remote shutter release.  This means it will snap the picture while connected to your iPhone.  It allows the user to take selfies or other interesting images and video from an extra long distance.  What you see today is the culmination of many months of tireless work and design.  I am very proud of this product and I expect to receive my first factory samples within a month of so.  This product is so useful and compact that everyone with an iPhone will want one.  By the way, it doesn’t require any additional input to operate your phone:  Just plug and play.  No batteries or apps to slow you down.  Take a look at the website I designed to get the word out.  http://extendnclick.com/

Now I just need to knock down some doors and get it into stores.   The product will sell itself.   Feel free to comment and let me know what you think…