So I’m exited about the progress on these new surfboard paintings.  I have two done.  One sold, the other is getting ready to ship to Key West (Adam Scott Rote Gallery).  I also have one in the works and two more being prepped for paint.  I like the canvas to be as smooth as possible before I set a brush to it.  It allows me to add intricate detail without distortion due to the ridges in the canvas.

Oh, by the way, I have completely repainted one of my Windows.  If you look on the windows tab of the website you will see one called “No Worries”.  I have created a new version of it.  Not sure what to name it yet.  Perhaps Paradise Hideaway?  Reminds me of the Swiss Family Robinson.  My version anyway.  I think tree houses are the coolest things.  Apparently a lot of other people do too, because they are popping up all over the world as unique travel destinations and accommodations.  The perfect tree house would also be overlooking the ocean.  Your own tree house seascape!

I have had a busy day of painting.  I started the new Seascape surfboard and messed it up post haste.  Had to restart.  That is frustrating, but part of the creative process I guess.  When you are a perfectionist at heart, you can’t settle for ok.  Most people wouldn’t really care or notice the things that bother me in my work.  It has to be just right, or I just won’t publish it!

Getting excited about my first show in Key West at the end of the month.  I hope to have a couple new pieces to take down there and show off.  I have just under two weeks to figure out what I want to paint and what I want to take with me on the boat ride.  There is a ferry (more like a jet boat) that takes you from Ft. Myers to Key West.  That’s how we will be traveling…