As I mentioned Monday, I sold an original Surfboard at the Diamond Head Gallery on Maui this week.  I am thinking of doing a series of these wild surf surfboards as my next endeavor.  I have another one almost done (as you can see above) and a couple others primed and ready to start.  By the way, these are not actual surfboards.  Similar to my Windows to Paradise collection, they are cut from wood in the shape I design and then we stretch canvas over the shape to create the illusion.  The process is a bit complicated.  I design the shapes by hand and then transfer the images to the computer where I create digital cutting files.  These are transferred to another computer that controls a CNC router since we cut them on a CNC router (computer controlled).

I’m wondering if I should create a line of surfboard giclee’s?  I’m selling two of these at several galleries and they’ve been doing well.  “Island surf” is more in line with my typical seascape painting.  Calm tropical waters, blue sky and waves lapping the beach.

The other is a painting called “Sacred Pool”.   It’s what I call an “above and below” painting.  It captures a lush tropical waterfall and a pool of water below with fish and dolphins.   This surfboard is verticle in orientation, so it needs the right wall space to display it ideally.

I’m always coming up with something new, so check back tomorrow for an update on my progress with these new original surfboards.  I may post a pic of the one I’m completing today.  I think this one will be sent to Hawaii as well.  As I finish more, I’ll distribute them to galleries in Key West and Coronado, California.    Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  I sold the first of “Neptune’s Garden” yesterday.      The collectors were thrilled with it.  They picked it up here at our studio in Bradenton, FL.  For local collectors or those traveling through Florida, we are always happy to meet with them personally and have them pick up their art at the studio.  Keep that in mind if you are ever in Florida!